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INTERACTIVE PHOTO FROM THE FIELD: Ethiopia’s Heath Extension Workers

Photo from the Field: NeoNatalie Newborn Educational Mannequin

Photos from the Field: NeoNatalie Newborn Educational Mannequin

Neonatalie Newborn Educational Mannequin (dark skin)

In low-resource settings across the globe midwives are learning about the critical first hour after birth that can keep more newborns alive through Helping Babies Breathe training. In Yetoban, Ethiopia at Project Mercy midwives take skills labs classes that will utilize the NeoNatalie Newborn educational mannequin. Midwifery training at Project Mercy is through a partnership between Jhpiego,…

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Photos from the Field: Expectant Mother Seeks Help in “Lie and Wait” House #Ethiopia

Photos from the Field: Expectant Mother Seeks Help in “Lie and Wait” House #Ethiopia

Women in Lie and Wait Home

Expectant woman, Ayelech Fikadu, and her mother, Zarge Badunga sit in a “lie and wait” house at Project Mercy outside of Butajira, Ethiopia. The house was recently renovated by USAID and Pathfinder.

Butajira is located in Ethiopia’s southern highlands where many live in the mountains. Women who live in the mountains have a difficult time delivering their babies at a hospital or health center due…

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Photo From the Field: Nine-Day-Old Newborn

Photo From the Field: Nine-Day Old Newborn

Mosebo Village


This woman in Mosebo village, 43 kilometers from Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, holds her nine-day-old baby and quickly quiets him by breastfeeding him in her home.

Save the Childrenis working diligently with the Ethiopian Federal Government to properly train health extension workers and provide continuing education for the workers to help save the lives of vulnerable newborns. Through its…

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Photo from the Field: Child Marriage

Photo from the Field: Child Marriage

Mother - arranged marriage

Child Marriage

This is a young, expectant mother who lives near Butajira, Ethiopia. She was married at 13 and will deliver her first child at 15. She walked to this lie and wait house (pictured above) because of excessive bleeding. She lives 3 minutes in the mountains of southern Ethiopia. She has never seen a health extension worker and has never been to a health post. Her experience, once again, underscores…

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How Ethiopia is Scaling Midwifery to Save More Mothers, Newborns


Addis Ababa- In Ethiopia there are 4.9 million pregnancies each year of which 84% take place in rural areas. Here in Ethiopia, where the vast majority of women deliver at home, only 32% of maternal, newborn and child health needs are being met by midwives according to the newly released State of Midwifery Report. That is troubling for a country that is making noticeable strides to save its women…

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