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7th Annual Camp Launches for Children Whose Loved Ones Are Victims of Extreme Violence

Project Common Bond

Common BondWhen we see photos in the news of families who are victims of extreme violence or war most of us don’t stop to think about the tragic effect on children. Entire families are often adversely affected by the perils of war and violence. Some children lose their parents and other loved ones. How are they then supposed to cope, especially when violence and war are ongoing and/or become lasting…

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Save the Date: Our Twitter Chat About #ChildHealth #MDG4 on August 18

Ethiopian Child in Hawassa

MDG4August 18, 2014marks 500 days to reach the Millennium Development Goals, the set of goals signed into action in September 2000 to reduce extreme poverty in a variety of topic areas from eradicating poverty to ensuring environmental sustainability. MDG 4, or reduce child mortality, laid out a concrete goal to reduce child mortality by two-thirds starting with data collected from 1990. MDG 4 has…

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Photos from the Field: Expectant Mother Seeks Help in “Lie and Wait” House #Ethiopia

Photos from the Field: Expectant Mother Seeks Help in “Lie and Wait” House #Ethiopia

Women in Lie and Wait Home

Expectant woman, Ayelech Fikadu, and her mother, Zarge Badunga sit in a “lie and wait” house at Project Mercy outside of Butajira, Ethiopia. The house was recently renovated by USAID and Pathfinder.

Butajira is located in Ethiopia’s southern highlands where many live in the mountains. Women who live in the mountains have a difficult time delivering their babies at a hospital or health center due…

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Photo from the Field: Child Marriage

Photo from the Field: Child Marriage

Mother - arranged marriage

Child Marriage

This is a young, expectant mother who lives near Butajira, Ethiopia. She was married at 13 and will deliver her first child at 15. She walked to this lie and wait house (pictured above) because of excessive bleeding. She lives 3 minutes in the mountains of southern Ethiopia. She has never seen a health extension worker and has never been to a health post. Her experience, once again, underscores…

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Inside Sierra Leone’s Maternal and Newborn Mortality Rates

Inside Sierra Leone’s Maternal and Newborn Mortality Rates

Malnutrition in Darfur

With an overall population of 5.9 million people in Sierra Leone, 200 women will die today from complications during childbirth. Every year, 2400 women lose their lives due to pregnancy related causes in Sierra Leone. And, close to 10,000 babies die every year during their first month of life. There has been notable progress in Sierra Leone to end maternal and newborn deaths in the small, coastal…

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#SouthAfricaCares Side Event In Photos #PMNCHLive

During a packed event at Michelangelo hotel in Johannesburg, key partners including Save the Children, World Vision, PATH, Mothers 2 Mothers, and the Society of Midwives of South Africa came together to rally support for newborns and celebrate the progress thus far to save millions of vulnerable newborns around the world.

South Africa Cares

The Every Newborn Action Plan was endorsed by 194 countries in May 2014…

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Putting Data to the World’s Midwives

Banadir hospital in Mogadishu

We all know that every woman has a basic right to accessible antenatal care, a safe delivery with a trained midwife, and quality perinatal care, but what happens when the number of midwives is far too few to deliver every baby? 92% of all maternal and newborn deaths, and stillbirths occur in 73 low- and middle-income countries. And yet those countries only have 43% of the midwife workforce,…

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